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Just a brief note to say thank-you for the wonderful birding tour. We would recommend you to anyone – you very knowledgeable and knew the hot birding spots to take us to! We got 5 lifers to add to our birding list! We also really appreciated the wonderful fruit snack that you provided us with; it was very tasty. Hopefully we will join you for another tour in the future.
Margaret and John, North Vancouver, BC

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My husband and I recently had the pleasure of taking a tour with Great Horned Owl Eco Tours to the Osoyoos Desert Centre and then up Mount Kobau. This tour exceeded all our expectations……and then some! Greg Byron is extremely knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna and even gave us a geology lesson on how this area was formed. Greg is very well organized and professional and made this tour very informational and interesting for all the tour members. We would highly recommend Great Horned Owl Eco Tours for anyone, especially those wishing a different experience in the South Okanagan.

Patricia and Bob Currie, Oliver, BC

At the end of May we booked both the Bird Lovers’ Tour and the Ecosystem Experience offered by Great Horned Owl Eco Tours and found that each of them far exceeded our expectations. Both tours were led by Greg, a very knowledgeable, passionate birder who knows the Southern Okanagan area very well. With his experience and ability to recognize the various bird songs we observed over 50 bird species, 24 of which were birds that were added to our life lists. These included the Yellow-Breasted Chat, Bobolink and Wilson’s Snipe. The Ecosystem Experience provided a further educational component. Again our tour guide, Greg (also a very enthusiastic nature lover with a keen interest in conservation and natural history) provided enlightenment as he taught us about the Antelope Brush desert area, the grasslands and the alpine areas of the South Okanagan. As he pointed out to us, these areas need to be preserved as they provide habitat to endangered plants, mammals, reptiles and birds. We thoroughly enjoyed our adventures! Both 8-hour tours included some easy hikes and spectacular scenery. Great Horned Owl Eco Tours provided substantial, healthy snacks and lunches which were delicious! We highly recommend Great Horned Eco Tours to anyone interested in birding, conservation, or the natural history of the South Okanagan.

Alvia  and Linda , Steveston, BC

It would be remiss of me not to properly thank you for the gracious service you provided on your ECO Tour. We had neither been to the Desert Centre nor have we been to the summit of Kobau Mountain. Your good humour and vast knowledge of the area and the natural resources that we just take for granted was quite enlightening. Also your knowledge of birds made the tour even more engaging. We would not consider ourselves as being “Birders” but we both enjoyed seeing rare birds that we would normally have missed. The trip to the summit of Kobau was a thrill beyond belief. Both Kate and I had expected that we would be trudging for miles before we got anywhere. The transportation that was provided was a pleasant surprise. Although we both enjoy our morning walks we weren’t sure what to expect. The short walk to the scenic lookout was very enjoyable. The reward was truly remarkable. The view was one of most beautiful that we have ever seen. We could see to the south of Osoyoos to the north of McIntyre Bluff. Kate and I have remarked on several occasions just how impressive McIntyre is, but when we viewed it from the top of Kobau it seemed rather unremarkable in the scheme of things. We have already been telling people of that wonderful experience.

Kate and Blaine Krist, Oliver, BC

Thank you so much for such a terrific adventure. We enjoyed every aspect of our trip, you had all the bases covered right down to our morning fruit bowl. We truly enjoyed the mine tour and the gold panning. In fact, I think I could easily become an addict of the gold panning, and might have to invest in my own equipment. Thank you for the awesome pictures I am going to use them in my power point for my students—-how I spent my summer vacation.

Roxanne and Rob, Okatoks, Alberta

Wow! What a wonderful full day observing birds all over the South Okanagan. The leader of this tour, Greg, certainly knows his stuff, we enjoyed every minute of our adventure. The picnic lunch on top of Mt Kobau was tastefully done. Great job!

Joe and Ella, Gibbons, Alberta.

I had an awesome birdwatching experience in the spectacular South Okanagan. Thanks to my friendly guide, Greg Byron, I learned to tune my ears to the faintest birdcall and to spot an unbelievable variety of our feathered friends in the riches of the valleys five unique ecosystems. To name only a few of at least two dozens – Northern Harrier, Orange Crowned Warbler, California Quail, Yellow Rumped Warbler, Song Sparow, Ring Billed Gull, Grey Catbird, Marsh Wren, Common Loon, Northern Red Flicker, Mallard, American Robin, Canada Goose …
A special thrill was to see six Great Horned Owls, shortly before they were released into the wild and being right there, when an Orange Crowned Warbler was weighed, measured and banded before regaining precious, three-dimensional freedom.
Greg’s extensive knowledge and love, not only for birds, but for nature in general, is absolutely contagious and with him and many others I hope and wish for a lasting preservation of the unique beauty in the South Okanagan.

Doris Niklaus Switzerland

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